Icons for the baby - features of writing and selection

 In Orthodox Christianity, there are many images - wedding, family, names. Believers deeply appreciate and respect these faces of the Lord, the Mother of God, and revered righteous people. However, the first relic in a person's life should be the so-called dimensional icon, made in honor of the birth of a baby. Our article will tell you what these shrines mean and how they are created. Our article will tell you what these shrines mean and how they are created, or go to the site ukrburshtyn.com and view the entire assortment.

Ancient traditions are the symbolism of the image

Any relic carries spiritual light, support, consolation, joy. That is why such products are given to good friends and close relatives, wishing them happiness, harmony, and prosperity. But children are most in need of such help - and a measure icon for a baby will protect him throughout his life, pointing to the righteous path, saving from sins, mistakes, temptations and enemies, healing diseases, preventing reckless actions.

These shrines got their name because their size is completely identical to the height of a newborn child (from 45 to 55 cm). But the themes of the icons can be very diverse - the faces of apostles, ascetics or martyrs, as well as the Most Pure Virgin Mary, are painted on the relics. The image of the Lord's messenger, i.e. a guardian angel holding a sword (the personification of spiritual protection) or a crucifix - a reminder of baptism, is also often found. At the same time, the shown righteous man can be the same-named (that is, the child got his name precisely in his honor) or simply a respected representative of all Christians, such as Nicholas the Wonderworker, George the Conqueror, Panteleimon the Healer. These merciful superiors constantly accompany a person, warn him against mistakes and dangers, and encourage him in difficult times.

Now there is an increasing interest in ancient customs in society. In particular, people want to know what a dimensional icon is, and buy it not only for their own children, but also for godchildren, nephews, cousins, and even for the descendants of a good friend or girlfriend. Such a gift has every chance of becoming a family shrine, which will be devoutly handed down from generation to generation, ensuring a spiritual connection between parents and children, reminding and instilling peace in hearts.

Rules and advice - how to order a dimensional icon

The creation of such a relic requires the appropriate mood, thoroughness, concentration and attention from the master. As a rule, a few months before, the icon painter begins to observe a strict fast and read special prayers, and before starting work, he is blessed by a priest. Thanks to such preparation, the image looks so elevated, beautiful and peaceful. However, the process of writing a unique shrine does not tolerate haste - therefore, if you decide to purchase a dimensional icon, you should make an order in advance.

The sacrament of baptism, in which the relic is used, takes place 40 days after birth. During this period, it is necessary to decide on the dimensions of the icon and who exactly will be depicted on it. Church holidays or Myasetslov (a calendar with the names of Orthodox saints) will help in this matter.

 Custom-made icons can be given even after baptism. It is best to time the gift for the child's birthday or birthday.

However, be careful - this tradition applies only to children who have not yet turned three years old. According to church rules, after the third birthday, a child is called a youth. At this age, a boy or girl should already have their own name image. It is hung on the wall of the children's room, above the door or above the head of the bed to ward off night terrors, prevent diseases and injuries.

Our online store will help you purchase an amber icon made according to your personal wishes. All the relics presented here are handcrafted, which guarantees their durability, reliability and presentability. The accuracy of the craftsmen is simply amazing - sparkling scattered natural gems shade the small details poured from the stone chips. Rich, saturated shades of petrified resin give the products a special color. Conscientious observance of Orthodox canons makes such images an inexhaustible spiritual source to which all who wish to feel God's kindness, grace and mercy can fall.